Pet Tips over the Summer

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In summer, it is crucial for you to follow some addition pet care as it is imperative to keep the animal cool. For instance, dogs only sweat between their toes, and their small sweat glands critically require eat exchange. If your dog or cat becomes extremely overheated, heat stroke or heat exhaustion can occur. Many organs are affected by heatstroke, which could cause brain damage, seizures, convulsions, blindness, hemorrhages, or any other organ failure. Thus, it is imperative and crucial to keep the pet cool in hot weather.

So what are the tips to keep your pet cool in summers? One important as well as the most basic tip is to keep a lot of water on hand. Keep 2 full bowls of water at all times so that if one bowl is emptied or knocked over, the water is still available for your pet. Of course, it is a basic tip, but is crucial as well.

Additionally, make certain your pet (dog or cat) has at least one cool or shaded place where it can escape from the heat. A tree, porch, or umbrella can give relief. On the off chance that your pet has a house outdoors, check amid the hotter times of the day to confirm that it is cool and airy for the pet. Try not to take your pet out for taking walks in the hotter time of the day; rather, pick the mornings or nights for such activities.

There is a myth and a lot of people believe in it; long fur makes a pet, especially a dog warmer. However, it is just the opposite as the fur actually acts as an insulator and keep your pet cooler. Therefore, trimming fur is not required at all.

When taking your dog or cat in a vehicle, know about the risk of heat. Since the inside temperature of a parked vehicle increases swiftly, if you have to leave your pet inside, keep a few things in mind; don’t leave your pet for a long time inside or make it for a couple of minutes only, leave at least two windows open or partially open, and try to park in the shade. In many states, it is completely illegal to leave your pet in the car or any other vehicle, and people are allowed to break the window in order to save the pet from heat. So keep this in mind as well.

We use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun; the same rule applies to your pet. If your pet’s coat is lighter in color, it is wise to use sunscreen. You can use any type of sunscreen, just be sure that it doesn’t contain PABA or Zinc.